Welcome to Health Beyond Hype


As a unifying force for the best methods and philosophies from all fields of nutrition and wellness, we uplift people so they can overcome challenges and finally embrace their power. Because it's not just about health. It's about mental and emotional strength. It's about creating breakthrough successes. It's about feeling your best ever. By transcending the rhetoric and offering real solutions, we promote clarity in all aspects of life.

We educate and illuminate to help you feel great.


Health Beyond Hype is a consultation-based business that also sells products. Simply put, we want to help you, help yourself in health and wellness. Education is the top priority here - not marketing. We provide the best tools the industry has to offer and teach you about our innovative protocols and how to apply them for your benefit. For over decade now, HBH has provided honest information and effective solutions for your health and well-being. We go beyond the predatory marketing tactics used so widely to hype up products used in every consumer market, to help realize your ideal level of health.


Whether you are an elite athlete competing on a national level, a weekend warrior going for your personal best at a marathon, or someone that wants to simply reach your potential, you are one of many people that desires to achieve peak performance. In addition to providing leading edge products and protocols Health Beyond Hype can help you design a program to help you achieve your performances goals.  Through Health Beyond Hype Wellness Consultation, we can help you set and better understand performance objectives, as well has help implement a program that is unique to your needs.

Thank you for your interest in our business, and welcome to Health Beyond Hype.


Beautiful skin starts within, is the mantra of our featured product line for face care. After years of research, and countless products and manufacturers interviewed and tested, Health Beyond Hype is proud to offer Osmosis - one of the few skin care companies that realizes that how you look on the outside is determined by your health inside. For years, we’ve helped people understand that beauty is more than skin deep, and that healthy and attractive skin grows from the inside-out. HBH has had you covered in best ways for internal health through our superfoods, cleanses, and methods for hydration for over a decade - now we offer the leading-edge in topical skin care to fully reveal the beauty that radiates from within.



Health Beyond Hype follows research on health concerns linked to environmental issues. There are factors that effect our health beyond our hereditary and the use of supplementation. Research shows that our biochemistry can be effected by chemicals in the environment, toxins in food, as well as, interference that we are exposed to from technology that surrounds us. Health Beyond Hype is committed to being a resource for you regarding products and information related to environmental issues.

Thank you for your interest in our business, and welcome to Health Beyond Hype.