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Supplement Expiry Dates

The expiration date is the last day an item will be at its highest level of potency. This means that the manufacturer can successfully guarantee the quality of a product up until the expiration date. A quality manufacturer will ensure that their vitamins are at the listed strength on the label at the time of expiration. 

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not require supplements to have expiration dates. However, quality manufacturers voluntarily list expiration dates because it is to their benefit. They test their vitamins rigorously to make sure they can successfully guarantee the label strength up until the expiration date.

So ultimately, just because a product reaches it's expiration date, that doesn’t mean it’s no longer any good; it only means that label strength may be lost over time. Additionally, we store our products in a climate controlled, EMF remediated  location to maintain potency over time. Since we have a direct relationship with all our vendors, we get product fresh from the manufacturer and resell directly to you.

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