Aloe Arborescens Revitalizes Stressed Immune Systems and Promotes Systemic Detoxification.

Serious infections, cancers, cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases are among the leading causes of premature death. These disorders all arise from two common causes: the weakening of the body’s innate immune system (immuno-depressive conditions) and toxic overload of the body. There are several types of toxins in the body that create constant stress on the immune system such as cellular toxicity, chemical toxicity, and toxic build up in the colon of undigested foods and fecal matter. Some toxic medical therapies wipe out the immune system as well and make the body acidic to boot.  Reducing toxic overload and strengthening the immune system are vital to vibrant health and healthy longevity.

Aloe Arborescens bolsters the body’s defenses at the cellular level, stimulating the immune system. It is the consensus of aloe laboratory and clinical research that the large polysaccharides in aloe sometimes referred to as acemannan are responsible for its key beneficial effects.  Large polysaccharides such as acemannan found  in this Aloe species stimulate white blood cell activity and increase the number of T-helper cells.  These cells coordinate the immune response resulting in the production of antibodies and ridding the body of the infectious agent. The very large polysaccharides when administered to animals and humans cause the release of substances from certain white blood cells that form and activate natural killer cells (NKC) that seek out and destroy renegade abnormal cells. 1, 3

 What immune depressive conditions have in common is a high incidence of digestive dysfunctions, generally manifested by poor digestion. A common denominator in all the beneficial actions of acemannan is the ability to coat and permeate all the gastrointestinal surfaces, increasing the fluidity and the permeability of these membranes. In this way, it allows the easy expulsion of toxins and an even faster absorption of nutritive factors. This stops the immune system from intervening in internal digestive support, which could cause its compromise, and saves the immune defenses for where they may be really needed. In this way, Aloe Arborescens supports normal homeostasis. 2

A second group of aloe constituents contain the traditional laxative anthraquinones  found in the yellow sap that comes from small tubules in the thick green rind.  The yellow sap consist of several potent traditional laxative agents including: Atoin (barbaloin); AloinB (isobarbaloin); Aloe –emodin; and Emodin.  The constituents are chemically known as anthraquinones. These active components of aloe can promote appetite and gentle body cleansing. 3

This Supreme Immune Health Formula supports healthy immune function and enhances longevity by natural means.

When put in the diet initially phytonutrients synthesized in plant cells have no capacity to attack and destroy the threat to life until it is processed.  Nutrition is thus not the treatment of disease.  The body manages its own quest for defense and healing supported by ingredients in the diet. 4

All chronic disease stems from some type of toxicity, an inner pollution, and detoxification must first occur if a chronic disease is going to ever be reversed. It is this Systemic Detoxification that comprises the first foundation on which to rebuild vibrant health. Our Supreme Immune Health Formula consisting of a proprietary blend of liquid Aloe Arborescens juice provides gentle systemic detoxification of the whole body while at the same time providing vast amounts of nutritional support.

The purifying action of Aloe juice is due to several molecules. Aloin is an active principle exclusive to the Aloe plant and made up of anthraquinone glycosides. Its therapeutic effects are summed up as purging, detoxifying, and markedly antibiotic. Aloe-emodin is a molecule present in the yellow exudedmatter, rich in anthraquinones, found in the lining or under the cuticle of the Aloe leaf. It possesses bacteriocidal and laxative properties and can boast a marked anti-tumoral effect, especially in pre-cancerous and cancerous cells of ectodermic tissues. The complex sugar, acemannan, strengthens cell walls, so that the toxins created by metabolism and secondary reactions due to partially digested food can be properly eliminated from the body.

The second foundation on which to restore vibrant health is Immune Modulation. Once pollutants enter the body exposing it to toxicity of any type the immune system becomes compromised. In our formula the immune-modulating property in aloe is carried out by the glucomannans, a class of long-chained sugars derived from plants, which have demonstrated in clinical and laboratory studies to have a wide variety of protective and immunostimulating effects in the human body. Aloe Arborescens Miller contains the largest concentrations of acetylmannan, the most active form available existing in nature. The acemannan molecule, in particular, produces antiviral and immunomodulating effects that regulate immune defenses according to the body’s requirements. This mucopolysaccharide deals with the damaging processes of the body by acting as an immune stimulant, principally by stimulating the production of T lymphocytes and macrophages from the thymus and the beta cells of the pancreas. A substantial part of a person’s immune system lives in their gastrointestinal track, the gut, which is usually affected in some significant manner form toxicity. Digestive problems is a good example of immune system dysfunction. A common denominator in all the beneficial actions of acemannan is the ability to coat and permeate all the gastrointestinal surfaces, increasing the fluidity and the permeability of these membranes. In this way, it allows the easy expulsion of toxins and an even faster absorption of nutritive factors. This stops the immune system from intervening in internal digestive support, which could cause its compromise, and saves the immune defenses for where they may be really needed.

The Brazilian Supreme Immune Health Formula provides a remedy aimed at increasing or revitalizing a compromised immune defense system that comes from the active medicinal properties contained in Aloe Arborescens juice and, more precisely, acemannan. This polysaccharide has the extraordinary property of acting directly on the various cells that are in charge of immunological activity in the human body. This proprietary blended product has no equal in terms of the potency, purity and stabilization of the raw material of whole leaf Aloe Arborescens juice and raw, unheated, unpasteurized honey.

Of the known substances, apart from 8 essential amino acids, many vitamins, acetyl-salicylic acid, choline and various forms of lipids, Aloe also contains some rare mineral salts: Zinc, Manganese, Iron, Germanium, Chromium, Mag-nesium, Boron, and Selenium, with important implications for the various human pathologies, among these, many of the degenerative patho-logies, the metabolism and deficiency diseases.*

Aloe arborescens tends to normalize the biochemical and functional parameters of the [body] in a time window that varies from 2 to 6 months. Here are some of the documented effects:*

  1. Helps the regularization of partial pressure of carbon dioxide in the blood.
  2. Assists the regularization of glucose values in the blood, particularly in diabetic patients.
  3. Supports the reduction of triglycerides.
  4. Helps the regularization of all cholesterol with an increase in the HDL/LDL ratio.
  5. Aids the normalization of Bilirubin.
  6. Assists the normalization of uric acid.
  7. Helps the regularization of Na/K, Ca/Mg.
  8. Promotes an increase in hemoglobin.
  9. Improves protection of the gastrointestinal hepatic, pancreatic and kidney systems.
  10. Stimulates activation of the immune defenses against acute infections.
  11. Improves lymphocyte rebalance in chronic infectious diseases
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Aloe Arborescens (16 oz)


Revitalize Stressed Immune Systems and Promotes Systemic Detoxification

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Supreme Immune Health Formula™ is a Dietary Supplement for Supreme Immune Health that is made using the internationally acclaimed Brazilian Aloe Arborescens recipe published by Father Romano Zago(Order of Friors Minor, Brazilian Scholar, Author, and Aloe researcher). Recent clinical studies reveal this formula supports immune health due in part to the synergistic activity among the 200 phytonutrient constituents found in the sap, gel and the entire whole leaf of the botanical Aloe Arborescens which has the highest concentration of these properties of all the known 250 aloe varieties, including Aloe Vera. This Aloe Arborescens immune formula is a proprietary blend manufactured by Deca Aloe Arborescens U.S. LP. 

It  brings together the therapeutic properties of two potent ingredients of all natural Whole Leaf Aloe Arborescens liquid with pulp and raw, unheated and unpasteurized honey that provides powerful support for the immune system and helps maintain optimal health.  Both ingredients are also known as super foods from nature.


  • It is considered better in nutritional value than other varieties of the plant, including Aloe Vera.
  • Compared to Aloe Vera, Aloe Arborescens has a higher concentration of active principles, at least three times higher**.
  • Aloe Arborescens is more resistant to harsh climate conditions.
  • Aloe arborescens contains about a hundred active principles that are known to have various positive health effects on the body.

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Aloe Arborescens (16 oz)

Aloe Arborescens (16 oz)

Revitalize Stressed Immune Systems and Promotes Systemic Detoxification