Humic Acid (100 capsules)


Complex Mineral Support/Anti-viral/Immune System builder

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VFI Humic Acid is highly effective in supporting a healthy immune system and assists in maintaining overall health (even during seasonal times of runny noses and achy muscles).  VFI Humic Acid contains a wide range of essential minerals and other important nutrients that help maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.  It is a potent soil extract from Mother Earth and can be used to combat viral issues.
  1. Oxygenates blood helping to regulate the immune system
  2. Mineral Transfer – acts as a dilator, increasing the permeability of cell walls. This allows important minerals to travel more easily through the bloodstream to nourish bones and cells
  3. Balance Cells Electricity helping them run more efficiently
  4. Antimicrobial – increases levels of beneficial microbes thus inhibiting the growth of unwanted bacterial pathogens
  5. Bolsters Immunity
  6. Anti-inflammatory – relief from swelling and joint inflammation
  7. Tendon and bone repair by bonding to collagen fibers
  8. Anti-Viral – coats the pathogen with a substance that prevents it from attaching to healthy cells
  9. Detoxifying Properties – prevent toxic substances including heavy metals from being absorbed. 

VFI Humic Acid, tapioca starch (flow agent) vegetable capsules

Suggested Use:  

2 caps per day for tonic use

4 caps per day for ongoing viral issues

6 caps per day for acute viral issues.

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Humic Acid (100 capsules)

Humic Acid (100 capsules)

Complex Mineral Support/Anti-viral/Immune System builder