EMERGING Hazard of CBD Products

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The American Association of Poison Control Center's Warning

The AAPCC declares CBD as an “EMERGING HAZARD” due to the potential for mislabeling and contamination.

The Associated Press commissioned laboratory testing on 30 suspect CBD products obtained from around the country. Ten of the 30 products contained various types of synthetic cannabinoid (CBD) compounds, including drugs commonly known as K2 or “Spice”. Some contained no CBD at all. These results are problematic since these products can be potentially dangerous as well as offering no medical benefits.


Similarly, at least 128 samples out of more than 350 tested by government labs revealed synthetic marijuana compounds in products marketed as CBD. Gummy bears and other edible CBD products accounted for 36 of the contaminated products. In one test, Mississippi authorities discovered fentanyl, a powerful opioid drug responsible for about 30,000 overdose deaths in 2018.

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Hemp oil is one of the most popular supplements on the market today. It's also one of the most misunderstood. Events like the American Association of Poison Control Center's (AAPCC) labeling of CBD as an "emerging hazard" put fear of this precious resource into the hearts and minds of the wary consumer.


It's true, many companies have chosen profit over quality, even over safety, in order to jump on the CBD bandwagon. Hemp extract’s nutrient content and phytochemical properties can vary dramatically depending on its growing and harvesting methods and production processes. We have found many sources of hemp to be poorly grown or contaminated with added synthetic cannabinoids. As a result, substandard hemp products may not offer the full spectrum of benefits that are typically cited in scientific literature.


The reason is simple. Hemp extract has become famous for its spectacular health benefits, but it is PRL’s meticulous quality processes that make the key difference in ensuring the most pure and potent hemp extract we have available.


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