Stearic Acid Dangers

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Ingested Stearic Acid Shown To Cause Inhibition Of T-Cell Response Leading To Suppression Of Immune Function

The mechanism by which ingested stearic acid [18:0] selectively kills T-cells was examined. The protocol adopted used highly enriched population of B and T lymphocytes (.95%) and albumin complex fatty acids.


In T-cells, the accumulation of destructive stearic acid (18:0) containing phosphatidyl choline coincided directly with a rapid collapse of the cell membrane integrity. No such depolarization was observed in B-cells. The ultimate effect of the observed changes in the membrane composition of the stearic acid (18:0) treated T-cells lead to the T-cell membrane collapse and cell death. The selective toxicity of stearic acid (18:0) to the T -cells and its rapid mechanism of action should be a clinical consideration.


It is estimated that 90% of the vitamin/mineral products consumed today contain magnesium stearate. Immune compromised patients who are chronically ill, seeking to deal with a primary cause, nutritional deficiency, often take handfuls of capsules to get vitamin, mineral and other key nutrients from capsules that contain stearic acid or magnesium stearate and get a powerful immuno- suppressive treatment.


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