The Natural Sponge – Your Skin

Over your lifetime, as your skin is subjected to tap water, toxic soaps, environmental toxins, cosmetics, etc., areas of your skin, such as your face, gradually absorb these toxins- like a sponge. In time, as the deepest layers of your facial skin become saturated the skin loses its ability to repair and absorb nutrients.

Furthermore, the skin is unable to detoxify efficiently. When the skin cannot “breath” or “eat” due to embedded toxicity, it begins to rapidly age; the skin’s pH balance and oil production become imbalanced; tone and texture dulls; pores enlarge and clog; blemishes and acne become an issue; age spots and brown freckles begin to appear; and overall complexion loses its glow. To combat these “symptoms” of skin toxicity, many women become dependent on expensive skin care products to “cover-up” lifeless, aging, imbalanced skin. They undergo invasive procedures that often cause more irritation and actually increase the aging process. Skin care regimens for most women today are often expensive, cumbersome, and virtually ineffective.

Detoxify and Rejuvenate Your Skin at the Deepest Level

The Derma-Blast formula features nanized green tea, premium-aged Italian vinegar and beet-derived hydrochloric acid. This unique blend of living probiotics, phytonutrients and pH-balancing organic acids work to detoxify the skin’s deepest layers. Regular use of the Derma Blast gently speeds up the natural skin repair process and helps oxygenate the skin at the molecular level. The result is similar to that of drastic skin resurfacing - only without the redness, irritation and actual skin damage that often results. While minimizing the signs of aging, this formula actually “youth-proofs” the skin by firming, toning, and tightening it — effects you can feel the first time and every time you use it. This formula benefits all skin types and can be used in conjunction with our other Organic Skin Care Products

Derma Blast – For Beautiful Skin

  • Gently exfoliates the skin
  • Removes toxins from deep within the layers of the skin
  • Normalizes poor size
  • Re-balances skin’s normal pH
  • Re-populates skin’s beneficial bacteria
  • Evens out the skin tone
  • Promotes a bright, radiant complexion
  • Reduces the need for moisturizers
  • Tightens and firms the skin
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Promotes the growth of healthy skin cells

Don’t Let AGEs Age Your Skin

Due to stress, poor nutrition, the use of toxic skin care products and many other factors mentioned previously, skin cells can age much faster than normal when the skin’s proteins are damaged through a process called glycation. Glycation is the cross-linking of proteins and sugars in the skin, which form AGEs (Advanced Glycation End products) – almost like a gluing together of the cells – resulting in the loss of elasticity, collagen damage, wrinkles and the dreaded sagging of skin – making you look aged and exhausted.

How Does the Derma-Blast Work?

The concept of the Derma-Blast formula began with an analysis of the unusually beneficial micro-components naturally inherent in living cultured foods which are rich in probiotics such as real vinegar (not chemical-source acetic acid found in most vinegars). The components of probiotics include highly reactive DNA fragments of beneficial bacterial cells, organic acid substrates, natural proteolytic enzymes that are specifically helpful for the skin, and natural antimicrobial substances that can eliminate toxic bacterial proteins and waste that may infect and congest the skin — from both the outside (upper skin layers) to the inside (deeper skin layers). The probiotic DNA fragments (i.e. highly beneficial, encoded cellular information) and pH-balancing nutrients in this formula enhance the natural process of the skin to repair itself.

The probiotic molecules of the live-source vinegar act as super wetting agents combined with natural-source hydrochloric acid and our nanized green tea which together have the capacity to dissolve and penetrate through the bacterial particulates that are diffused into the skin’s upper layers. Critical components of these nutrients can then permeate the epidermis without irritation and re-establish a healthy skin pH and environment. Because surface cells of the skin “communicate” with lower-level skin cells, the benefits reach down deep into the dermis and also, at the molecular level where new cells are born.

Probiotically-Generated Green Tea - Super Food for the Skin

Probiotically Generated means the nutrients are in their end-chain form. To probiotically-generate our premium grade green tea extract, we feed it to our proprietary 12-strain, beneficial probiotic bacteria. These micro-factories of little super workers liberate the super phytonutrients of green tea, such as the polyphenols, to make them bioavailable - hundreds of times more than normal.

These probiotically-generated super nutrients are then able to penetrate much deeper into the skin’s layers and connective tissue, promoting and nourishing the skin so it is more supple, elastic and moist. The green tea’s nanized polyphenols can also deliver spectacular, anti-infective support and protection of the skin. They also block accumulation of harmful compounds called Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) in the skin as well as for the whole body, thus greatly decreasing the risk of age-related skin concerns.

The Derma Blast is Safe for All Skin Types

While cleansing the skin of toxic particulates, this formula — thanks to the rejuvenating DNA components — is extremely gentle and will not harm the underlying skin layers. The special beneficial probiotic and pH-balancing factors help maximize the complex biochemistry of the skin, minimizing the activity of harmful bacterial toxins. This formula helps promote and preserve the natural acid mantle of the skin — one of nature’s premier defenses against harmful environmental pollutants and bacterial toxins. It also aids in the reduction of pore size.

With regular use, the Derma-Blast formula reinforces the natural processes that keep the skin young and fresh. It promotes the skin’s healthy oil production, but also boosts moisture retention, resulting in skin that has a youthful glow without being greasy. The living enzymes gently accelerate the natural exfoliation process of the skin while diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.


Items Needed

Derma Blast Kit
nonmetallic spoon
small glass or ceramic dish


1/2 capsule of Premier HCL
1/2 tsp. Vintage Vinegar
1/2 tsp. Green Tea-ND


  1. Mix the above 3 items together in a glass or ceramic, nonmetallic dish with a nonmetallic spoon. Do not use a metal spoon. For maximum benefits, use within 10 minutes after mixing. (Do not mix the ingredients together ahead of time.)
  2. With your fingers, massage or pat the liquid into the facial skin. Cover the entire facial area from the forehead to the jaw bone. Avoid the area around the eyes. For best results, leave on over night. Do not add creams or lotions to your face. You may also massage into various problem skin areas, such as dry, rough or troublesome patches of skin on the body.

How Long Do I Use the Derma Blast?

The Derma Blast is safe to use any time and will not cause redness or irritation like other skin facials. It is recommended to start out with 3 treatments per week for one month, then 1 to 2 treatments weekly for as long as you desire. With continual use of the Derma Blast, results will appear within a few weeks