Medi-Body Pack™ Instructions


 Important Note:  Please read through the instructions thoroughly before using the Medi-Body Packs on any part of the body. These packs are very powerful and you may experience unnecessary detox reactions if all steps are not followed carefully.


Staining from the Medi-Body Pack™: 

The Medi-Body Pack™ contains 100% natural ingredients and will not stain the skin or hair. However, it may stain clothing or bedding. Therefore, it’s best to wear old clothes when using the Packs, and apply them outside or in the shower for easy clean-up.


Preparation:  For every 2 tablespoons of Medi-Body Pack™ powder you want to add 1 capsule of Betaine HCL (open capsule and pour out contents) with approximately 2 teaspoons of the recommended liquid from your QRA practitioner. Mix well in a nonmetallic container with a nonmetallic spoon (preferably a small rubber spatula.)  The consistency should be like cake batter.  If you can “pour” the mixture, it’s too thin.  You may add more powder or liquid until the consistency is right. 


The amount of mud you’ll need to mix depends on the amount of sites you’ll be packing.  The recipe above should be enough for 3 to 6 target sites. When packing the hands or feet you will need to start with at least 3 tablespoons of powder. Depending on the size of your hands and feet, you may need to double the recipe. It is fine to keep adding powder and liquid until the right amount is achieved.  Just remember, for every 2 tablespoons of powder, you want to add 1 capsule of Betaine HCL.


Amount of packs in one day:  Typically, we recommend no more than six target areas per day- three packs at a time.  Never do more than three packs at a time. If you are doing “focal sites” you would do 3 sites per side, per day, totaling 6 sites.  If you are doing a series of sites, and have had no detox symptoms after the first day, increase the amount of sites each day.  For example, if you choose to do a total of 12 sites in one day, do 3 sites at a time then rinse and follow with 3 more sites until you have completed all 12 sites.  If at any time you feel the detox is too much, just stick to 6 sites in one day. 


Typical size of a target area:  Excluding your hands and feet, the size of your target area should be no larger than the palm of your hand.  If a scar is longer than 6 inches, divide the scar into sections and pack 3 inches at a time.  In this case, you’ll need to rinse after each 3 inch section.


Application:  After selecting the target site to treat, mentally divide this area into smaller areas, each about the size of a silver-dollar.  Apply only enough mud to thinly cover the first silver-dollar size area.  Rub the mud into the area vigorously for about 3 seconds.  Next repeat this process on the 2nd silver-dollar size area, etc. until you have treated all of the smaller areas of the entire target area.  Then you may move on to the next target area.  Once you have finished the third target area you may rinse.  


Hands and Feet:  When packing the hands and feet the consistency of the mud should be a little more liquid.  This will allow the mud to spread evenly without drying too quickly.  For the hands start at the wrists and cover the entire hand top and bottom (this includes in between the fingers) and end by rubbing into the palm vigorously.  Wait 10 minutes before rinsing.  For the feet, start at the ankles and cover the entire foot top and bottom (this includes in between the toes) to the sole.  There you should rub vigorously to finish. Wait 10 minutes before rinsing.  If you are doing both hands and feet together, pack all 4 and wait 10 minutes before rinsing.  Your hands and feet contain hundreds of meridian points, therefore it is very important to cover the entire area and rub vigorously at each silver-dollar size area.


Timing of the Packs:  Generally it is best to use the Packs before 7 p.m.  After this time the body begins to go into resting mode and detoxification is often more superficial.  The most desirable time is in the morning or afternoon.


Minimizing detox symptoms:  Drink 1/2 cup Quantum Aloe Drink** mixed with 1/2 cup purified water. The aloe dramatically promotes elimination of released toxins and helps prevent re-absorption.


VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Always finish each mudpack session with a Medi Blast (foot soak).  This is a crucial step that must not be skipped.  The body has released toxins internally and the foot soaks will draw these toxins out.