Why Buy from Us?

Hi, I’m Matthew Jacobs, I have been a representative of the PRL product line selling, teaching, consulting, and innovating their products since 2005

I was hired by PRL as a consultant to train practitioners from all over the world on how to properly use the QRA system to prescribe the best protocol for their customers.   Through my work I was able to innovate the QRA testing methods to more accurately pinpoint where their customers major health concerns were located giving the practitioners a more precise dosing method.  My focus has always been fixing the core issue in the body to make a lasting change. This philosophy was the main driver in my teachings and through these teachings I was able to create the QRA College manuals which are used to this day in educating practitioners. 
I was selected by PRL to represent their products to the University of Miami at the Miller School of Medicine.  The University was interested in creating a clinical nutrition department for the medical students to help them learn more about nutrition and the benefits of working with the body using natural products.
I have always had my own website to sell the PRL products through, providing personal consultations to practitioners and customers so they could get the results they were looking for.  My website was used as the main source of information for PRL products for many years before they were able to create their own website.  PRL leveraged my site for their customers and practitioners to gain more knowledge about the products and protocols I had put together using their products for specific health challenges.  My website was sought after by many practitioners so they could learn how to more effectively run their practices.  PRL also requested practitioners be allowed to copy my site word for word so they would represent their information correctly to the general public.  
I had a personal relationship with Dr. Marshall over the years, and he asked me to take on several other projects for him before his passing.  I learned a tremendous amount from him and since then have taken that knowledge a step further creating my own product line which can be found on www.healthbeyondhype.com.  My product line has been created as a system of health so you can easily get to a better state of health by following some simple health regimens that I have created.  If you are interested in moving onto the next level of clinical supplements, then I strongly suggest you check out my new line.  I have made it affordable, easy to use, and highly active providing lasting results for those who are dedicated to working through the protocols.  
Jump on board the FUTURE OF NUTRITION at www.healthbeyondhype.com