Medi-Body Pack (12oz) (not eligible for discounts)

Premier Quality Clay/Botanical Pack Premium-Grade Volcanic and Bentonite Clay and Cleansing Herbs Rapid, Effective Cleansing of Targeted Body Areas
  • $31.96

This premier quality formula can be used as an effective, elegant cleansing body pack. It contains premium clay, bentonite clay and targeted botanical agents, all key cleansing agents used for centuries in many cultures. Our body pack promotes bioenergetic flow of stagnant meridians to encourage quantum-state resonance.


Suggested Use

External use only. Place 2 tablespoons of Medi-Body Pack® in a nonmetallic bowl. Add approximately 2 teaspoons of water or AloeDetox™ to make a thick paste. Mix thoroughly. Then apply to a selected external body area and let it remain for 10 minutes, then