Royal Jelly-100 (2.2 lbs) (not eligible for discounts)

  • $221.94

Royal jelly is a centuries-old, spectacular Super Food. Royal jelly is the sole food of the queen bee, allowing her to live far longer than regular bees. Royal Jelly-100™ delivers 100% premier quality, organic royal jelly from China with no added fillers. This product contains 100% organic royal jelly which is not mixed with honey or diluted in any way.

This royal jelly is fresh-frozen in China to retain all of its the precious properties. Our supplier delivers it to us still in its frozen state. We then stock it in our freezer until it is sold to you (we recommend overnight shipping). Now that’s going the extra mile to deliver to you the very best quality of fresh, organic royal jelly.

Suggested Use

Take 1/2 teaspoon, 2 times daily. If taken straight, royal jelly may cause a slight tingling in your throat, so it is helpful to drink plenty of fluid right after consuming it. You may also mix royal jelly in food or liquids. 

Storage: Please refrigerate upon receipt. Divide the contents into two portions: one portion you can re-freeze for later use (good up to 2 years). Keep the other portion refrigerated (not frozen) for ease of use. Consume the refrigerated portion within 6 months.