Chocolate Bliss

Chocolate Bliss

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Chocolate Bliss is a luscious, raw food concentrate that contains 23 super foods and adaptogens. It is one of the most complete super food formulations we have ever seen. Each ingredient has been specially selected to work synergisticlly together to create a functional super food concentrate that is truly exceptional. The whole food botanicals are rich in human compatible/absorbable vitamins, minerals, EFAs and antioxidants, especially vitamins C and E. It is designed as a daily core food to assist people desiring to live on Raw Super Foods and for women who are pregnant and nursing.

Chocolate Bliss Provides 23 Powerful (Beyond Organic, Certified Pristine) Super Foods and Adaptogens. Each whole food botanical is optimally cultivated, fair trade and sustainable
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Blend in Smoothies or your favorite drink

How To Use Chocolate Bliss 

Recipes are below for making Chocolate Bliss as a chocolate-milk-tasting superfood drink. You can also add the Chocolate Bliss powder to a favorite fruit or green smoothie, a superfood bowl, energy bars, or any other raw food creation you like to eat.

Advice For Using Chocolate Bliss

  • Keep it raw
    Don't heat Chocolate Bliss over 115 degrees or you will lose some of the nutrient power, the enzymes, and the adaptogenic superfoods will become stimulants. If you prefer a warm drink, heat it on low or make a concentrated Chocolate Bliss that you can add hot water to.

  • Drink as much water as you drink Chocolate Bliss. 
    These superfoods are packed full of nutrients which may cause your body to discharge stored toxins. Drinking water helps to flush out toxins and deliver nutrients to your cells.

  • Have Chocolate Bliss before cooked foods, junk foods or medications.
    Raw superfoods travel through your digestive tract faster than cooked foods. If you consume cooked foods, junk foods or chemical medications at the same time or right before Chocolate Bliss you may experience an upset stomach. If you ever experience too much detoxification, we recommend you stick with Chocolate Bliss as the first meal of the day and plenty of water.

  • Keep the Chocolate Bliss drink cold.
    Once you've made Chocolate Bliss it needs to be kept cold or the oils in the hemp seeds and other superfoods will start to degrade. If you don't have access to a fridge, we recommend using a thermos and some ice cubes.

  • Drink it within 1 week of mixing it with water.
    Chocolate Bliss blended with water (and a sweetener) will stay good in the fridge for 1 week. You'll know if it has passed its prime because it will smell and taste a little off.

  • Store the powder in the fridge or freezer.
    The hemp seeds and tocotrienols have natural oils in them. Your Chocolate Bliss powder will stay fresh longer if you keep it in a dark, cool place. Kept in the fridge or freezer the Chocolate Bliss powder should be good for a year or more.


Meal Replacement and Energy Snack

We find the simplest way to use Chocolate Bliss is to make a gallon at a time, keep it in the fridge, and drink it whenever you're hungry.

For us, that's an 8 ounce glass for breakfast and several 4-8 ounce glasses throughout the day as snacks or pick-me-ups (mixed in with other foods throughout the day too).

Sometimes Melissa will have a 4 ounce glass before making dinner if she's feeling urgently hungry - it keeps her from devouring junk foods and gives her the relaxed energy to fix a healthy meal.

We also travel with Chocolate Bliss and use it as our core food & fuel when we have long days teaching the Avatar® Course. Throughout a 15 hour full-on day we each sip on an 18 ounce thermos of Chocolate Bliss and find our energy levels are high and we are perfectly satisfied with one chew-food meal during the day.

Mental Clarity Vs. Physical Energy

Chocolate Bliss is an ideal food for mental clarity activities like computer work, office work, long road trip drives, and full days learning or teaching.

If you're doing more physical activities, like athletic workouts or intensive physical labor, you may find you require more protein than what is in the Chocolate Bliss powder. We recommend adding the Sun Warrior Protein Powder, more Hemp Seeds, and/or Coconut Oil to the Chocolate Bliss mix for times when you are more physically active.